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Mercury Preservative Thimerosal in Vaccines is Harmful

Brad Farra - Saturday, October 24, 2009

A brand new study published this month found a neurological impairment in primates given just one dose of thimerosal containing vaccine. This is a study that lends evidence to what we already know. Every year there are examples of serious and non-serious side effects from administration of mercury containing vaccines, and this year is no different. Mercury is a well known toxin in the human body; it primarily has ill effect on our nervous system. Remember that we avoid consuming too much fish with mercury for this reason. It would make sense to me that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would not want to approve any product containing a well known toxin such as mercury. The FDA approves many vaccines with a known toxin as a preservative ingredient. Thimerosal is the mercury containing preservative in these vaccines. I will not get into the conspiracy theories surrounding the drug companies and our government. I will, however, urge you to seek out vaccinations that are mercury-FREE. If you are in a high risk group that is being advised to get vaccinated for H1N1 or any other vaccine ask your doctor about mercury-free alternatives. If you are in the group of people that the CDC has recommended receive the vaccine the benefits probably outweigh the risks. There are so called "preservative free" vaccines that contain less than 1 mcg of mercury; these are: FluMist (intranasal), and single-dose injections of Fluarix, Fluvirin, and Fluzone. If you chose not to receive the vaccine then it is up to you to do everything you can to keep a healthy immune system. Eat healthy, exercise, wash your hands multiple times a day, don't touch your face, and take supplements such as a multi-vitamin and garlic to improve immune system function.

Reference: http://tiny.cc/U1Fek

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