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Testimonials from Dr. Farra's patients

Click here for Professional athlete testimonials about how their chiropractor care has helped.

“My nagging gluteal muscle cramp is gone! As a semi-competitive cyclist I have endured a cramp in my right butt muscle every time I pedaled at maximum effort. Regular massage did not help, but 4 Graston treatments have resolved my 20 year-old condition." -RH

"Brad really puts the "care" in medical-care. When I visit him for treatment I feel like I'm with someone who works hard to understand me and my needs, and then works hard to deliver the needed treatments.
He's been a great help with a series of neck, shoulder and rib issues. In addition to his careful and effective adjustments I get explanations of what's going on and direction on stretching and exercises to minimize problems in the future.
I don't have insurance coverage for my chiropractic care, so I pay out of pocket for each visit. I always feel like I've received good value after a visit with Brad.
I've got my chiropractor, I suggest he be yours too." -JF

"New to the idea of chiropractic care, I was, at first, a bit nervous to undergo an adjustment. I quickly realized that the relief after the adjustment was far preferred to the pain I had been previously enduring. I was referred to Dr. Brad Farra, Chiropractor Extraordinaire, after a minor car accident. He is ... highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable within his practice. If you can describe your "pain", he will work with you to relieve and strengthen your area of discomfort. Dr. Farra is always sure you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and how you can actively participate in your healing process." -KR
"Dr. Farra has done a fabulous job with our whole family treating the cause of the root of the problem not the symptom and really listening to my kids. My son just recently pulled his hamstring playing soccer and he is almost back to 100% a lot sooner that he would have been without chiropractic care. He has treated me during pregnancy with migraines and my husband with back and knee injuries. We all continue to see him for regular health and preventative care." -BC
"Dr. Brad Farra does a superb job. When I hurt my knee back country skiing he helped me heal quickly. The at home exercises and stretching he gave me decreased my recovery time and allowed me to get back to doing what I love doing. Dr. Brad always took the time to explain what his adjustments were doing, which was very comforting. If you are looking for Chiropractic care it does not get better then Dr. Brad." -RE
"My neck is better than before! I sprained my neck after a hiking trip, an injury Dr. Farra attributed to years of poor reading posture, i.e. reading with the book resting on my lap and my neck craned down. After the hike I woke up with a stiff neck and unable to see over either shoulder; I convinced myself that I merely 'slept wrong ... .' Adamant that my range of motion would return on its own, I refused to go to a chiropractor. The range of motion, however, didn't come back on its own, making merging with traffic and other activities a difficult challenge. After one visit with Dr. Farra, my range of motion increased just a little and by the end of my treatment was completely back to normal. Not only did I regain my range of motion, Dr. Farra provided exercises that strengthened my neck and encouraged healthy reading postures to prevent a similar injury. In short, next time I would visit Dr. Farra sooner – he's professional and informative." -MS 
"Being a high school athlete, there is a lot of strain on my legs and in particular, my shins. It took about a month of painful practices to finely do something about it, but when I went to my first appointment Dr. Farra knew exactly what to do. With a couple Graston treatments, the scar tissue was beginning to break down and I was able to compete pain free. I was given multiple exercises to prevent further injuries and to stay pain free. All thanks to Dr. Farra." -AO
"Dr. Farra does a great job. He is very active himself in the climbing community and has done a lot of mountaineering, rock climbing, cycling, and triathlon. He understands the special needs of athletes and helped me to recover from a motor vehicle accident in time for this year's triathlon season. Thanks Dr. Brad!" -KM
“Dr. Farra is amazingly knowledgeable. He takes the time to know about your total health and is there to find the root of the problem. He is a great listener and will work with you to focus on your concerns. My entire family has seen him for concerns ranging from migraines to knee injuries. My son plays competitive soccer and daughter had chronic ear infections, we go in regularly for adjustments to stay healthy. It is great to have a clinic where they take the time to actually fix the problem and not patch the symptom.” -BC

“I suffered from constant knee pain while hiking, especially downhill, and I feared an x-ray would lead to an invasive surgery. I consulted Dr. Farra, who meticulously inspected my knees and questioned my walking habits. He recommended a series of stretches and exercises, thankfully nothing invasive, and my knee pain went away. Less than 6 months after my first consultation with Dr. Farra I was able to descend 22,841 ft. Aconcagua with a heavy pack, all absolutely pain free. Thank you Dr. Farra!” -CP

“I went to Dr. Farra with a painful, persistent rib injury that was preventing me from rock climbing. After the first adjustment, I felt instant relief and was able to return to climbing. With a few more adjustments over the next couple of weeks, my rib pain had completely subsided. Now I can climb again pain-free and the injury has not returned. Dr. Farra explained to me the nature of my injury, gave me instructions for home care, and even taught me some stretches and exercises to help me train for climbing. Dr. Farra took the time to get to know me and my concerns and the treatment fit my lifestyle and helped me reach my goals." -JB

”I have relied on Dr. Farra for much more than being adjusted. At the age of 66 I do not want to use anything other than natural remedies. When I ask Dr. Farra for a solution to a problem he is always very knowledgeable and treats me with a whole body outlook. I believe this holistic approach is the most beneficial and the only and best way a person can really be cured, and with no side effects. Dr. Farra’s knowledge is equal or better than any doctor I have seen." -PF

"Dr. Farra, I want to thank you for a great job of diagnosing and treating my hip pain.  I really thought I had arthritis in my hip and it turns out that it is muscle tightness.  I am about 75% better and I can tell that I am getting better every day.  (I forgot to tell you that I did have someone else tell me I had bursitis!)  I appreciate how thorough you have been and would recommend you to anyone that asks!" -Colleen

“I herniated my lower back doing yard work. It was so severe that I could barely walk and I could not sit down. I saw Dr. Farra a couple days after my accident and he has helped me over the last year to get to the point where I can walk, run, exercise and even sit again. It has taken a lot of work and time to get to the point where I am now and I owe my recovery success to Dr. Farra. My recovery was a combination of treatments; adjustment, heat, massage, Graston and exercises he assigned. You start off with one exercise and slowly work up to 30+ different exercises that I do everyday. These exercises are meant to help strengthen my core to prevent back injury. Dr. Farra really listens to the pain I describe and helps explain what my body is doing that is causing this discomfort. He is very knowledgeable and practiced and takes great care when addressing my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Farra as the best Chiropractor in Portland.” -JB

“Dr. Brad Farra is an excellent chiropractor that will guide you through the steps you need to take to improve your health, or correct a problem. He provides holistic solutions that don't just encompass your appointment, but involve exercises, stretches, and diet. He has helped me to greatly improve the movement of my neck and shoulder through advanced Graston techniques and spinal manipulation. Before visiting Dr. Farra, I hadn't looked over my left shoulder in 9 years, and now I have full movement of my neck again.” -KL

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